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Please check your UID:「xxx」again.
Please use the Gift Code before 23:59 31/12/2019.

  • x20Gem
  • x 200,000Coin
  • x 8Gumball Pot
  • x 5Soul Crystal
  • x 1Dark Steel

Matters needing attention:

1.Please login to the game →「Setting」→「Secret Order」→ Enter the Gift Code.

2.The Gift Code starts with HNA, one UID can use only one code.

3.Please use the Gift Code before 23:59 31/12/2019.

4.The Gift Code is for Gumballs & Dungeons Global Server only.,,,,,,,,,,,, are accepted at the moment, please contact us if you use another one.

6.Please enter a valid email address, don't miss similar event's information.

7.Qcplay Limited. reserves all rights for final explanation and has the right to cancel or optimize the event. Qcplay Limited will revise and consummate unaccomplished issues in time and post notifications on Facebook (